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The Spot on Mill Street

Basil Hayden's Bourbon

As soon as you pour yourself a glass, those sweet butterscotch notes are immediately noticeable with a touch of added honey. Give it a second and you'll also see some orange citrus thrown in for good measure. It's fragrant and sweet, with the orange notes strong enough to be noticeable but not so heavy as to be oppressive.

The flavor of the whiskey starts out a little light, mainly just a bit of caramel, some vanilla, and a touch of honey. It's sweet, but there's not much body to it. As the liquid sits in your mouth, though, those flavors start to become richer and bolder with some oak flavors thrown in, as well as a bit of nutmeg.

It finishes with that peppery spice we were promised, which is a tone that stays with you for a short while after it's all said and done. Overall it's a sweet, light, and delicious experience without any bitterness or bite.

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The Spot on Mill Street